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New Leaders Council

Meet Mike Blake

“From no house in Jamaica to the White House in D.C. to the state house in Albany.”

New York Assemblyman Michael Blake, Honorary Co-Chair of the New Leaders Council Board of Directors, will be in Houston on Thursday, April 14th to share his story of putting progressive values into action and discuss why now is a critical moment for NLC in Texas and across the country.

Growing up in The Bronx sharpened Michael Blake's focus on the many layers of injustice that poverty creates-and our obligation to free people from them using education and economic empowerment to create equal opportunityMike_Blake_Photo.png

President Obama's Yes We Can slogan has a very personal meeting for Asssemblyman Blake, who, in 2006, joined a campaign training and leadership development program by the same name run by then-Senator Obama. That opportunity took him on an incredible journey through the 2008 primary and election and into the White House, serving multiple roles on the campaign and presidential staff. 

As the White House Director of Outreach to Minority Businesses, African Americans, and State and County Elected Officials, Mike Blake worked with people across the country who shared his belief that an unjust system required proactive measures to create equal opportunity and equal access. 

His experience with how economic empowerment for communities of color can change the dynamic of an entire community, and his abiding belief that the most vulnerable people at the center of any social and political agenda make him a powerful advocate in Albany for his constituents. 

Assemblyman Blake has come to know New Leaders Council and recognizes the role its fellows and alumni play in putting progressive values and entrepreneurial problem-solving skills into action in schools, nonprofits, offices, courtrooms, clinics, and at all levels of government. When invited to get more involved, he did not hesitate: 

I am incredibly excited and honored to be asked to serve as a national honorary co-chair for the New Leaders Council.  As we need more young adult leaders to step up and stand up, NLC continues to answer the call of preparing this generation of visionaries to be the ones we've been waiting for at this time. I commit to passionately join the NLC leadership to develop our next great generation of leaders.  The same way mentors and leaders such as President Obama showed me the path of leadership, I will do the same with NLC.

Few people put out the energy that Assemblyman Blake does. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious. Once you've met him, you cannot help but think that at some point in the not-too-distant future, you'll be bragging to your friends that you met Michael Blake.

Join us on April 14th as Assemblyman Blake visits Houston for a fundraiser to launch our Texas Expansion Committee.

You can read more about his inspiring life story on his website

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