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Notes on Hacking Gentrification

Hacking Gentrification on August 12th was a program in two parts. First, a panel of Houstonians shared their perspectives and experience on the who, when, where, why, and how of gentrification. Next, the entire room got into the act. 

The biggest takeaways?

Houstonians crave a solution that creates vibrant, healthy neighborhoods and communities.

They want to talk about creative solutions.

And many tools, regulations, and organizations are ready to be leveraged to restore historic neighborhoods and create new ones, but too few people know what they all are or understand how to get them all working together.   

The conversation made it clear that there's much more to talk about, and many more who need to be at the table. 

These were the notes taken in small groups that talked together for an hour. They don't capture the richness of the conversation, but hint at what was discussed. 

Take a peek! 

Thank you again to our incredible speakers. Read more about them here

Venita Ray, Public Affairs Field Specialist for Legacy Community Health

Biko Mandela Gray, PhD candidate, Religious Studies, Rice University

Kent Loftin, Chief Development Officer, Montrose Center

Estella Gonzalez, Manager of Economic Opportunity, Neighborhood Centers Inc.

Eureka Gilkey, Executive Director, Project Row Houses

Isabel Longoria, Associate State Director - Advocacy & Outreach, AARP 

David Kim, Executive Director, Urban Land Institute 


Mustafa Tameez, Managing Director, Outreach Strategists

NLC-Houston hopes to continue this conversation in partnership the community. Let us hear from you if you would be interested in co-hosting the next round.  

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