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New Leaders Council

Top Ten Reason to Apply to NLC

It's Friday, October 30th.

The deadline to apply to New Leaders Council-Houston is 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 1st. 

Don't wait.

Apply now.

And here are ten reasons why you should:

One: You talk the talk. Now, walk the walk. 
It's one thing to talk politics over beers, but it's another to learn how to put your progressive values into action in all aspects of your life. We can help. 

Two: You have big ideas, but need some time and space to work on them.
All NLC Fellows prepare a capstone project as part of the training institute. Think of it as a strategic plan for your life. Go big picture or get granular - do what works for you. Bonus: you'll be surrounded by other big thinkers who can give you feedback, advice, and support.

Three: Fundraising makes you anxious, but not being able to fund your dream makes you even more anxious.
Starting a business? Running for office? Launching a nonprofit? It takes money. If you can't write the big checks yourself, you need to learn how to get others to write them for you. NLC can teach you. 

Four: If it really is who you know, then make sure you know the right people.
NLC gives you a great local network of progressives who'll keep you connected to the vanguard of activism and policy-making in Houston.  

Five: And the right people aren't all in Houston.  
NLC has chapters in 44 cities and states. By 2020, the alumni network will be 10,000 strong. You want to be dialed in.  

Six: The same-old, same-old isn't doing it for you. 
Learn how to take an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving in your life and work.   

Seven: Learn from the best, part 1.
National trainers bring best practices and connect you to a broader movement, while local faculty highlight what's happening now, what works, and who's doing it best in Houston. The ideal one-two punch. 

Eight: Learn form the best, part 2.  
We recruit a class that brings a diversity of experience to the table so fellows learn as much form each other as they do from the formal curriculum.

Nine: This is your movement. We expect you to lead it.
NLC is a youth-lead organization. Fellows stay involved once the program is complete. Serving on our local board, acting as a mentor to a new fellow, joining a policy innovation team as part of the alumni network ... you are the next generation of progressive leaders, so we give you the chance to lead. 

Ten: We have fun.
Movements don't go in straight lines. The best ideas don't always win the day. You need people you can laugh with when things are tough, and laugh harder with when it all goes the right way.

We are your people.

Don't wait for the last minute. Apply now

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